Freelance agency specialised in management and technologies

Unleash your talents, start Poworking !


Freelance agency specialised in management and technologies

Unleash your talents, start Poworking !



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Become a Poworker

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  • Powo and La Collab partnership
    La Collab

    Powo is a partner of the freelances collective La Collab, agregating independant workers in marketing and communication for businesses.

  • Expertise

  • Innovation and change management
  • Project performance and security
  • Product quality and agile processes
  • Industrialisation, supply chain, productivity
  • Embedded systems and connected objects
  • Digital technologies
  • Artificial intelligence and Big Data
  • Network architecture and software architecture
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    Assign your projects to Powo, we find the best talents

    Powo, first freelance agency specialised in management and technologies

    Our mission

    Ensure the success of our clients with a team of dedicated Poworkers

    Our commitment

    Foster an efficient and secure work environment for freelancers and companies

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    Discuss your needs with your Powo partner and finesse your goals

    Work with Poworkers selected for your needs

    Benefit from our project management approach to ensure success

    Innovate by using new methods based on agility and productivity

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  • Online accounting for Poworkers
    ECL Direct
    In order to give Freelances access to a strong accounting and legal support, Powo has negotiated with ECL Direct a partnership to facilitate their entrepreneur's daily activities and stay focus on their business. ECL Direct, the French leader of online accounting since 2008, simplifies the accounting life of more than 3,200 TPE executives and business staters. Its entrepreneurial clients rely on the advice, accounting, legal and HR support of the 130 ECL Direct employees and manage their business every day thanks to the FIZEN application. "
  • Business sectors

  • Aeronautics and Aerospatial
  • Defense
  • Infrastructure and Transports
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Telecom and Media
  • Energy
  • Public sectors
  • Health