Become an Associate Manager at Powo


Powo, Freelance agency specialising in management and technologies, is looking for associate managers to open offices in Paris, French regions, UK, Spain, Belgium and Germany.

 Remaining true to its startup DNA, Powo plans to establish a strong local network whilst relying on digital technologies.

Taking into account that Powo's growth is directly linked to its geographic expansion on a national and international level, we have decided to establish regional branches led by associate managers as soon as possible. These associate managers have the option of buying shares of the company.

We will help our future associates to establish the local Powo branch by providing the relevant resources to enable them to self-manage their agency.

Powo is looking for associates who are passionate entrepreneurs, willing to help our clients implement innovative projects and to support freelancers in their professional development.


How does making Powo the first freelancing agency specialised in management and technology sound to you?

We are looking for men and women with expertise in management and industry and information technologies, with a genuine interest in addressing the evolution of the professional & employment world.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit with commercial skills and successful experiences, preferably in the consulting industry and in services, we are eager to hear from you for our agencies in Paris, UK, Spain, Belgium and Germany.

Please send your application to