We are not changing the world, the world is changing !

830.000 Freelancers works in France in 2016, representing a growth of 126% in 10 years

Powo addresses the evolution of the working world with Poworking by providing a comprehensive support for freelancers in their professional development, in the interest of the success of our client's projects.


Powo, the first freelance agency specialised in management and technologies

Our mission : Ensure the success of our clients thanks to a team of dedicated Poworkers

Our commitment : Foster an efficient and secure work environment for freelancers and companies

Benefit from a network of local agencies with a main point of contact. Whether you are a freelancer or a company, our ambition is to ensure your complete satisfaction.



Start Poworking

I am a freelancer

I upload my CV in 3 clicks

I am contacted by Powo

I share my career objectives

I receive and accept/decline projects opportunities

I receive a secure payment at each step of the project

I have access to Powo services and benefits and I am part of the Powo community

I am a company

I offer projects directly to Powo

I am contacted by Powo

I receive professional advices to define and clarify my objectives

Poworkers are shortlisted to work on my projects

I sign the contract and start the partnership

I monitor the progress of the work

The origin of Poworking

Jean-Claude Alaux and David Pocq, the two founders of Powo, have had successful careers in a variety of consulting firms. They share the same and unshakable views on the consulting industry in general: it is a business model that needs to be deeply reshaped. Today, the digitalisation of the ways of working, the desire to be self-employed and the focus on performance and innovation make it possible for top talents to work as freelancers.


Jean-Claude Alaux

Entrepeneur who leads the creation, merger and acquisition and the development of numerous corporations in Europe


David Pocq

Director with more than 15 years of experience in consulting and engineering firms