A strong message to adress the evolution of the working world


Powo, the freelance agency specialising in management and technologies, chose La Collab in Toulouse as its partner for the design and implementation of its communication. From day one, it has been an intuitive partnership given that both partners have a similar organisation and vision - La Collab being a freelance agency specialising in marketing.

“We needed to address the evolution of the working world with a strong message and a clear solution.” Jean-Claude, co-founder of Powo

powo communicationDirected by/ Managed by Laura Strelezki and Celia Chauvet, La Collab gathers digital marketing and communication experts, in a very friendly environment. The teams tailored to the clients’ needs provide a wide range of services to different organisations, from strategic thinking to implementation of the communication strategy.

La Collab’s project leads carry out the projects of its clients with a strong sense of dedication, day after day. They surround themselves with a variety of independent and highly qualified experts, specialising in emerging ways of doing marketing and communication online, such as graphic designers, artistic directors, copywriters, developers, SEO specialists, brand managers, etc.

The starting point of our work was to communicate in a powerful and snappy style about our values, our commitments, our business sectors and our unique approach.

From there, we have created the website www.po-wo.com in such a way that any visitor/user could find useful information and practical features. The website enables freelancers to upload their CV online and benefit from an individual support. Companies with an appetite for Poworking can also directly contact the Powo managers.

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8 rue Jules de Resseguier
31000 Toulouse